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Trademark, patent, design and business name

The protection of rights is an important means for Norwegian businesses to safeguard their own assets and be better able to compete with other market players. Ræder has one of the country's largest and most experienced departments on intellectual property rights and we assist clients in all industries with establishing, securing and enforcing all forms of rights.

Among other things, we assist with:

  • Registration of trademarks, designs, domains and business names
  • Management of trademark and design portfolios.
  • Assessments and advice in connection with overall strategies for the intellectual property rights of a business.
  • Contract negotiations related to the use and/or transfer of rights.
  • Declaration of rights for rights holders and recipients.
  • Appeal and court proceedings for all types of rights issues.

Ræder uses the recognised registration and administration system PATRICIA, and offers simple and safe handling of our clients' intellectual property right portfolios.

We strongly focus on acquiring knowledge about our client's business activities in order to better safeguard their interests both now and in the future.