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Taxes and duties have a considerable impact on everyone conducting business in Norway and often involve financial and work-related challenges. Violations of law can result in serious financial consequences. Tax must be planned and documented within the framework of the law in order to limit problem areas when the Norwegian Tax Administration makes enquiries. Experience has shown that ongoing tax advice results in considerable cost savings for our clients compared with subsequent assistance to remedy the unfortunate consequences of the Tax Administration's enquiries and audits.

Ræder's tax group consists of experienced lawyers with backgrounds from the Ministry of Finance, Norwegian Tax Administration, auditing firms and the private practice of law. Our lawyers also have comprehensive knowledge of relevant legal fields such as corporate law, accounting and auditing. We hold tailor-made courses for accountants and auditors. The tax group works closely with the other specialist groups in the firm, particularly Corporate and Real Estate.

We assist our national and international clients within the following areas:

  • Business transfers
  • Restructuring and reorganisation of businesses
  • Mergers and de-mergers
  • Equity transactions
  • International tax matters
  • Value added tax, inheritance tax, customs duties and other excise duties.
  • Succession
  • Tax audits
  • Tax assessment appeals
  • Litigation
  • Tax and duty related issues concerning real estate
  • Property tax
  • Personal taxation

Our clients include:

  • Companies, investors and insurance institutions
  • Financing institutions
  • Norwegian companies with activities and investments overseas
  • Foreign companies with activities and investments in Norway
  • Foundations
  • Public and publicly beneficial institutions and activities
  • Foreign employees
  • Private persons in general