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Shipping, Marine and Transport

The specialist areas of Shipping, Marine and Transport are vital to our clients, who, in these areas, principally consist of insurance companies, shipping companies, forwarding agents, suppliers within the maritime sector, Norwegian and international banks, arrangers of sale/lease back Projects and Norwegian and international ship owners.

We assist clients with dispute resolution, recourse claims, insurance-related issues, transactions and negotiations, hereunder sale/purchase of vessels and newbuilding contracts, loan agreements and Security documents and ongoing legal advice.

Among other things, our lawyers have solid experience with:

  • Recourse claims and liability issues for road freight (CMR), maritime law and aviation as well as freight transport by rail.
  • Transport insurance
  • Forwarding and carriers' liability
  • General average, salvaging, collisions and stranding
  • Seizure of ships and attachment
  • Marine insurance
  • Charter party issues
  • Aquaculture
  • Shipfinancing