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Property development, administrative law, public relations

For many businesses government framework conditions are important. Norway is a society characterized by regulations in most business areas. In order to understand how the framework conditions are created and changed, it is necessary to understanding both the political and public processes in addition to having a legal understanding.

The point of intersection between law and politics has always been fluid. All legal regulations are authorized by political decisions, but jurisprudence also plays a major role in political decisions. In order to understand how decisions are made, it is a great benefit in having both legal and political experience.

Ræder can assist businesses, organizations and individuals wanting to change the framework conditions to better succeed. This can be anything from working for an amendment to seeking permission under the Planning and Building Act.

Ræder has a team of lawyers with both government work and local politics experience. These are people who have worked to change the framework conditions both as lawyers and from inside the system. They also have extensive media experience, which is very important to plan a good strategy for success.