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Procurement regulations

Both suppliers to the public sector and the public sector itself has to comply with extensive and complicated public procurement regulations.

Ræder assists various types of suppliers on a regular basis. In our experience, it is often efficient to include the lawyers early in the procurement process, as this may reduce the need for extensive subsequent complaint processes. Thus, Ræder provide advice during the whole procurement process, e.g.;

  • assistance in preparing tender documents and contracts (aimed at the purchasing entity)
  • clarification of the tender specifications before submission of bids
  • assistance in preparation of bids (making sure all formalities are complied with)
  • assistance in negotiations
  • complaints processes (both to the public entity itself and the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA))
  • litigation for the ordinary courts (e.g. interlocutory measures, damage claims etc.).

Ræder’s public procurement team is headed by senior lawyer Catherine Sandvig, who has worked with public procurement law for a decade. The team also has extensive experience within associated legal areas, such as competition law, contract law, law of damages etc.

Ræder assists clients within various sectors. Further, the team has experience from the specific procurement rules applicable to entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sector. In addition to extensive experience from the supplier side, we have also assisted public entities, providing Ræder with relevant knowledge of the public procurement processes from the purchaser’s point of view.

Ræder is also well prepared for the upcoming new public procurement rules that are expected to enter into force in 2016.