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Personal privacy and the Personal Data Act

Ræder has extensive experience with ensuring that the the business activities of companies comply with the Personal Data Act and personal privacy in general. Rules concerning personal privacy are particularly relevant when collecting, storing and using customer data, for direct marketing through digital channels, when sending personal data overseas and for an employer's storage of and access to employees' personal data.

Our lawyers have experience with notifications and license application to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and appeal hearings before the Privacy Appeals Board.

Among other things, we assist with:

  • Measures for being legally able to store data about private customers
  • What customer data can be used for, including whether marketing can be aimed directly at private persons
  • Sending data about customers or employees across national borders
  • Transfer of customer registers or other databases with personal data to other parties
  • User conditions for benefit programs, websites, software and for marketing initiatives such as competitions, raffles and advertising
  • Assessment of licensing and disclosure requirements to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority for measures that require this.
  • Employer use of personal data
  • Use of personal photographs