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Litigation and dispute resolution

Disputes and conflicts are part of business and give rise to challenging problems. Ræder has substantial experience from the courts and various complaint boards. We utilize this experience when advising our advice to clients, whether it be in relation to potential or ongoing disputes. We work closely with our clients to ensure successful results, and we have lawyers who understand your business and commercial position in such situations.

Legal disputes regularly comprise complicated issues, significant values and requires a drain of time and resources often better used for other purposes. In our ongoing counseling we always look for alternative solutions and opportunities for out-of-court settlements. Nevertheless, litigation is sometimes required.

Ræder has experienced litigation lawyers involved in a substantial number in cases before the courts each year, including the Supreme Court. Our assignments include all types of matters within commercial law for Norwegian courts, complaint boards and arbitration panels. We also have several lawyers regularly being retained as arbitrators.

Corporate penalties
In addition to handling of civil law matters within the field of business law, Ræder is also experienced in assisting our customers in connection with corporate penalties.

Corporate penalties may be levied, inter alia, in cases of alleged violations of environmental legislation, the Employment Act, breach of securities legislation and competition law.