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Insolvency and restructuring

There are a number of potential pitfalls if one attempts to commence the restructuring of a business enterprise or a corporate group without professional legal advice. The same applies if there is the need to assess or follow-up debt settlement proceedings with creditors, downsizing or if the client wishes to sell all or parts of a business enterprise.

Ræder assists in all phases of the restructuring of business enterprises and we have extensive experience from advising and following-up businesses with financial problems. In such cases we assist the various parties, from the company management, creditors, borrowers, lenders as well as the employees. We are advisers to the board of directors and assess possible financial and/or criminal liability for board members.

Our experience from assignments as the liquidator of bankruptcy estates and head of the debt settlement committee in debt settlement proceedings have also better enabled us to understand the overall restructuring process and assess the possibilities for continued operations.

Among other things, we provide assistance with the following:

  • Company audits and assessments of potential courses of action.
  • Debt settlement proceedings and private arrangements.
  • Assessment of director's liability and obligations
  • Equity issues and loan transactions
  • Safeguarding of creditor interests.
  • Issues related to law of mortgages and pledges
  • Money claims and debt recovery
  • Investigative assignments
  • Corporate law, bankruptcy law and tax law frameworks for restructuring
  • Litigation in the event of disputes concerning director's liability, auditor liability and invalidation.
  • Liquidator assignments for bankruptcy estates
  • Status of employees in the event of a business transfer, bankruptcy proceedings, wage guarantees etc.

The following link provides an overview of the estates we are administering. The information will also remain on our website for a period after the administration in bankruptcy has been completed. If you have any questions regarding the estates, which you cannot find answers to here, or information of importance to the administration in bankruptcy, please contact us.