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Distribution and franchise

Commercial agency, distribution and franchising law raises many and difficult issues of both national and international nature. Giving advice in this sector also requires a good commercial understanding to ensure that the objectives of the parties are properly addressed . We have for several years assisted large and small trading companies as well as a number of the trade organisations with counselling on all aspects of commercial agency, distribution and franchise law. Typical questions are counselling in connection with establishing, changing or terminating commercial structures or agreements, as well drafting contracts and dispute resolution.

Advising on distribution and franchising requires knowledge and competence in contract law, marketing, as well as knowledge of intellectual property rights. In franchising and distribution, protection and use of proprietary know- how, trademark and patents are often in the very centre of the contract.

Another important aspect in this field is competition law . Clauses regarding retail price maintenance, territorial exclusivity, purchase commitments and non-compete obligations should be checked to ensure compliance with Norwegian and/or EEA/EU law.