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Copyright and media and entertainment law

Ræder assists with the handling of all types of issues relating to copyright law.

Copyright law is important for almost all business areas, such as, for example, internet and publishing activities, media, entertainment, software, art, arts and crafts and education. For TV, film, music and theatre recordings as well as the publishing and use of material on the internet and electronic networks, it is of particular importance to know the limitations of and possibilities for the copyright. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in all these areas.

Among other things, we can assist with advice regarding the:

  • Clarification of rights in connection with copying and making intellectual property available
  • Use and publishing of material on the internet
  • Contracts for the licensing and transfer of copyrights
  • Contracts for the recording and distribution of TV programs, films, music and recordings of performances of performing artists in general.
  • Copyright and software development and licensing.
  • Enforcement of copyrights and dispute resolution before the courts