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Construction law

Our lawyers have extensive construction law knowledge and experience. Ræder assists both private and public sector property developers in all the stages of their projects. We also have extensive experience assisting both Norwegian and foreign contractors and sub-contractors. Our experience extends to both land-based and offshore building projects. Ræder continuously provide assistance to our clients in both large and complex building projects, as well as in smaller and less complicated projects.

Access to good advice from the very start of a project is of paramount importance regardless of the size and complexity of the project. Securing the proper advice at an early stage will in our experience reduce the chances for conflict at a later stage.

Our lawyers also have extensive litigation experience from both ordinary courts and arbitration.

We assist with:

  • Day to day advice
  • Preparing standard contract conditions
  • Preparing tenders
  • Assessment of tenders
  • Contract negotiations
  • Drafting contracts
  • Legal advice during building projects
    • Construction of new buildings
    • Refurbishment projects
    • Public transport projects
    • Other construction projects
  • Assistance with the final settlement
  • Litigation

The construction law team works in close cooperation with our expertise within commercial real estate and real estate development. Together we provide assistance covering the entire real estate business area.