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Competition law

Companies with activities in Norway must comply with both Norwegian and EU/EEA competition rules. The competition rules prohibit behaviour that restricts competition, whether this is the result of an agreement between two or more companies or one company's abuse of its dominant position. The competition rules also set restrictions for the acquisitions, mergers or other concentrations that are approved and stipulate procedures for notification requirements, implementation prohibition and approval.

In the past few years, Ræder's specialist group for competition law has handled some of the largest Norwegian cartel cases and arranged for government approval of a number of complicated business transfers. In addition to assistance related to the discovery of illegal collaboration (including applications for immunity from fines and assistance in the event of inspections by the authorities) and obtaining government approval for mergers and acquisitions, we also provide guidance to dominant companies, prepare compliance programs and provide general advice when entering into agreements which bind the parties in various ways (non-compete clauses, sole supplier agreements etc.)