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Commercial property

We have well qualified lawyers with many years of experience within the specialist field of real estate and the associated legal fields. Among other things, we assist with:


  • Purchase and sale of real estate - directly or indirectly through companies
  • Due diligence, company audits and review of obligations and rights associated with real estate.
  • Title officer
  • Negotiations with banks
  • Financing
  • Structuring of property projects
  • Succession/inheritance of real estate

A company's questions regarding real estate

  • Entering into of lease contracts
  • Property development contracts
  • Compliance with universal design
  • Interpretation of lease contracts
  • Transfer/Cessation of lease

Other issues related to real estate

  • Issues related to ground lease contracts
  • Prescription
  • Easements and rights over another person's property.
  • Licensing issues
  • Environmental, pollution related issues
  • Establishment of jointly owned properties and housing cooperatives
  • Sale and transfer of real estate

Dispute resolution

  • Disputes concerning lease contracts
  • Disputes related to the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Disputes concerning environmental issues
  • General disputes concerning real estate